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'Abaci's Number Add-Ventures!'

Abaci's Number Add-Ventures: Math Books for Kids

Are you looking for some genuine goodreads? Do you want your child to get very good educational books, not just popular maths books? Would you like to teach your child maths with interesting short stories? Are you looking for a math activity book?

Educational Activity Books

Did you now just re-arranging shapes, and blocks is a mathematical activity? Would your child have a story to tell every time he, or she completes a supposedly simple task? Children love short stories. Whether you read it to them, or they read by themselves, children look for fun in whatever shape or form they find accessible. You need a math activity book for children that can meet your immediate needs.

To some, Abaci's number Add-Ventures is just a work of fiction. To others, the character, Abaci is much more; and by the way, did you notice the play on Abacus, just now?

For children, its a thriller, for the characters, it's full of suspense, to the reader? A good read! Abaci, Maths book by Nduka Onwuegbute

Abaci's Number Add-Ventures - Onwuegbute, Nduka
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Books for kids don't come any better than this children literature, punctuated with word problems for children who struggle to get their heads round numbers in word format.

Abaci's Number Add-Ventures, is a collection short stories, loaded with word problems, dealing with a variety of simple every day problems that need a mathematical solution. If you're looking for a book for your kids, try theis one for size. Each little short story is a math problem that needs solving while reading.

Pre School Math Books

Read short stories to your child from an early age, and you will bond better in later life. Educational books for toddlers may come a dime a dozen, but your child deserves the best activity book to keep them inspired, and ahead of the class. So get your child read for pre-school. Get one of the best educational math books for toddlers and pre school age.

Few maths books deal with word problems, so you want the best book for children to demystify maths at an early stage of your child's development. And since ISBN 978-1907093326 comes as math in short stories, it is one of the best educational text books that is seemless.

Book About Math for Children

Counting, ordering, grouping, and discounting. These are some of the things your child will be involved with with this suitable book for all ages. Look it up as.

Aamazon best selling book list will show you all the hype that are nothing but passing fads. Get to the basics. Once grounded in the concept, your child will hardly forget.

Top Educational Books

Confession time: You won't find this ISBN in the Amazon top selling book list! Why, it pays little for amazon to promote your child's education. Amazon will list the Pearson books, McGraw, and Heinemann, all very excellent books in their approach to helping your child grow. But dosn't your child deserve more? This is where you come in as parent.

So get an activity maths book for your child and watch the little tyke flourish all the way to the top of the class.

Book Blurb

Children may not always be keen on numbers. But what happens when numbers become a logical game plan?

Children want nothing but sheer fun. This eagerness to engage in game activities becomes an opening to encourage the child to venture into simpler arithmetic.

Parents and educators might enjoy the subtle nature in which problems are introduced and resolved.


Onwuegbute, Nduka. Abaci's Number Add-Ventures, Leicester, 2011, Paperback.

Rival Publishing

Published by a smaller educational book publisher,, is an invaluable resource for parents who need to tap in to the fringes of educational concepts, ideas, and principles to give a more wholesome approach to helping kids learn.

Book Data

Educational book for kids. Maths book by Onwuegbute, to help with word problems. Reading and problem solving for young readers, parents and educators.
Published by:, Leicester
Date published: 11/11/2011
ISBN: 978-1907093326
Available in Paperback

Maths Book

Puzzles, in any shape or form are very engaging for children. Whether it's listing things in ascending or descending order, or diving simple numbers in units of ten, and hundreds, even thousands, siblings might find the story of 'The Robbers,' interesting while they think of how to share simple things like candy during Halloween.

The first story has over twenty mathematical question, with answers. The second story has over thirty, with the last one having just ten. When one considers that there an average of 20 riddles in each story, it is easy to come to the conclusion that this is more of a math book, than short story. In fact, there are almost 70 questions that the child reader must complete. And the questions are serial. Like the different levels of a computer game, each new question is a step towards the final answer. Where one anser is wrong, the child needs to go back to sort out where things have gone wrong.

Word Problems

Parents can help their children's reading with this book for children. From simple phonics, to real tongue twisting words, words are made to be friendly to the child. But don't forget, this is still a word problem solving enterprise. Kids books need to inspire, entertain, and educate.

The appeal of this educational book, specially crafted for for children is that even though it is a series of mathematical problems that need attention, children will enjoy just reading the story, pending when they are ready to take on the game of actually trying to work things out for themselves.

Primary school teachers, or teaching assistants may find this very educational. Organisers of book clubs for kids can set the objective of getting members to show their working, either inside the book, buty an extra new book purely for rough work, or share online with friends in social media settings.


Every book for children needs a reconizable protagonist. Abaci is the architypal character children love to follow. Through thick or thin, children just love to see diferent sides to their favourite fictional character.

The Short Stories

Party Planners, The

Abaci helps to plan a birthday party. Follow him as he invites more people than his parents would let him; a typical kindergatten story.

Good Boy, The

I'ts the first week of the new school year and tensions are high. So what happens when a child mismanages thei money? Abaci learns the hard way.

Robbers, The

When the local bank is robbed, Abaci is in for a sweet surprise. But why don't the numbers add up? And there's a twist in the tale...tail? Tale. Tail! Definietely TAIL!


Mrs. Bowker then decided to refund the difference to all the pupils who bought school books from school.

Mrs. Bowker gave Abaci the full refund in cash; but Abaci spend two pounds on crips before he got home.

How much did Abaci have left to give his mother?

Other Titles

For the best selling children's math books, look at Abaci's Number Add-Ventures. A math work books for kids, this math activity book for children was written by Nduka Onwuegbute, with children in mind.

Best educational books for kids, Onwuegbute's book for kids is the best math book for kids this side of the Atlantic, in a niche of its own.

So if you have pre school age child, and are looking for samll educational book publishers with best selling books, especially for children's math books, math work books, or math activity book for children, this is the place to be. Popular math books, and good educational books are not rare. But you want interesting math books to engage your child's brain. be they in pre-school, or not.

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