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'Fortunes of the Forgotten Forest!'

Fortunes of the Forgotten Forest

Fortunes of the Forgotten Forest - Onwuegbute, Nduka
Writer Nduka Onwuegbute

African Folklore based on traditional African stories. Written by Onwuegbute, Fortunes of the Forgotten Forest, is a book for teenagers, follows the travails of Nwat'oma as she suffers bullying to the point of ostracisation by her own family.


Nwat'oma, a teenageer, is lost in the woods. Through positive demeanour, resilience to temptations and a positive approach on life, she returns with bounty to boot. A true rags-to-riches story.

Her step-sister, Odinjo, egged on by her eqaully selfish and lazy mother, Ogori, goes on a pretence quest. Little does she know what awaits her in the forgotten forest.


Onwuegbute, Nduka. Fortunes of the Forgotten Forest, Leicester, 2010, Paperback.

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Book for teens. Teenage angst and rebelion. African Folklore re-telling the Cinderalla twist. Nwato'ma comes to terms with her greedy step sister, and wicked step-mom.
Published by:, Leicester
Date published: 06/25/2010
ISBN: 978-1907093081
Available in Paperback


Nwat'oma is the bullied orphan, typical to the Cinderella story, who must endure indignity & shame but still manages to keep her head above the parapet. Only, the parapet comes to her.

What did you see the last time you were in the woods? When tirals have no boundaries, resilience will lead us to the path of righteousness. How about something from the book?


"Ogori! You want me, the most beautiful girl in the village to carry firewood on my hair, this beautiful hair?"

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